Come, stay a night with us at the Western Door, a motel of the imagination in Niagara Falls, NY.
Each season consists of weird short stories and soundscapes by the Western Door collective, culminating in a full-length season finale. It is creepy, it is bizarre, and it follows a logic that only makes sense here beyond the Western Door.

The Sunflower Cult, part 3: Midnight Fog The Western Door

S1 E3: It’s a close call for Easy Diesel, a truck driver and former profiterole runner, who discovers the secret mansion of the Sunflower Cult. Written and recorded by L.A. Fontaine, sound by G Lucas Crane, guest voice Zach Keebaugh.More
  1. The Sunflower Cult, part 3: Midnight Fog
  2. The Sunflower Cult, part 2: The Massive Entering
  3. The Sunflower Cult, part 1: I AM A DOOR